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Mamas don’t let your Babies grow up to be Anglers; it’s a dangerous Sport

By Sandra Stenson   /     Jan 29, 2017  /     From the Contemporary Sportsman's Widow  /     0 Comment

When one contemplates the most dangerous pass-times known to human kind, fishing is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. Quite the opposite, the term fly fishing generally conjures up visions of the stately gentleman or lady standing by a pristine stream glinting in the sun (the stream, not the angler), fall foliage […]

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Chapter 51: A Word, Young Lady

By Sandra Stenson   /     Jan 02, 2017  /     From Panda  /     22 Comments

 Chapter 51 A word, Young Lady Before Ric immerged from his room to be besieged by the entire family again, he called Julia in for her private chat. It sounded ominous. Julia was only slightly less nervous than Paetrick had been in the same spot a few hours prior. Julia had the luxury of a clearer […]

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The Trials and Tribulations­­ of Wannabe Contemporary Environmentalists

By Sandra Stenson   /     Mar 29, 2015  /     From the Contemporary Sportsman's Widow  /     4 Comments

How ironic that nowadays one has to be rich to be able to afford not to despoil the environment.  All that is required are a few solar panels here, a small windmill there; a few appliances exchanged for energy-saving ones here, the old heating system scrapped for modern heat-exchangers there; a few composters here and a […]

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Sportsman’s Widow and Fishing Nut – How it all started

By Sandra Stenson   /     Mar 29, 2015  /     From the Contemporary Sportsman's Widow  /     0 Comment

Ladies, does this sound familiar? In your age of youth and innocence you meet a guy. He’s got the three “s”’s going for him; he’s sweet, smart, and sexy. His mama taught him manners, the Navy taught him to make his bed, and the Culinary Institute of America taught him how to whip up magic […]

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The Praying Mantis Hypothesis

By Sandra Stenson   /     Mar 29, 2015  /     From Life  /     3 Comments

Stensonian Genius 2015: January My husband and I have been married for nigh on twenty years. It has been a very good twenty years. Every now and again, of course, even my marvel-spouse does something so boneheaded, I temporarily wonder if praying mantises don’t have a healthier attitude towards long-term relationships. Imagine, for instance, what […]

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Genius at work

By Sandra Stenson   /     Mar 29, 2015  /     From Life  /     1 Comment

Moments of Stensonian Genius 2015: January The year is young yet. But, already, we have had moments of rare brilliance. Last week was a veritable windfall of brilliance, starting with “the interview”. I had agreed to be interviewed for Gulf Coast Advance’s Scientist Spotlight ( last Wednesday, which sounded very flattering, except for the fact […]

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