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The Praying Mantis Hypothesis

By Sandra Stenson   /     Mar 29, 2015  /     From Life  /     3 Comments

Stensonian Genius 2015: January My husband and I have been married for nigh on twenty years. It has been a very good twenty years. Every now and again, of course, even my marvel-spouse does something so boneheaded, I temporarily wonder if praying mantises don’t have a healthier attitude towards long-term relationships. Imagine, for instance, what […]

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Genius at work

By Sandra Stenson   /     Mar 29, 2015  /     From Life  /     1 Comment

Moments of Stensonian Genius 2015: January The year is young yet. But, already, we have had moments of rare brilliance. Last week was a veritable windfall of brilliance, starting with “the interview”. I had agreed to be interviewed for Gulf Coast Advance’s Scientist Spotlight (http://www.gulfcoastadvance.org/) last Wednesday, which sounded very flattering, except for the fact […]

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